Go Wireless for your Humidity & Temperature Measurement Systems

Key Features


LUOVA Technologies’ wireless solution are true innovative solution providing multiple benefits, from increased flexibility and adaptability, to improved comfort.

For manufacturing plants of Food and Drug Industry, we offer a highly flexible and robust Wireless Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point sensors with centralised software.

  • Go Wireless with radio Free band frequency
  • Battery power option for transmitters
  • Transmitter with inbuilt local Display (LCD) of Humidity, Temperature and Dew Point 
  • Provides data on widely used Industry Standard Modbus Protocol

We understand IT and OT difference. All our wireless products provide information on industrial communication protocols like, Modbus, OPC etc. which greatly eases up wireless systems implementation your existing or new control areas.

Write back to us, if you have any requirements, which we can address. Our expert will get in touch with you immediately on receipt of your request.