Regulations like GAMP and US FDA are at the core of the success to any Pharmaceutical industry. Our solutions are fully compliant to these regulatory requirements and range from simple machine automation to Centralised User Management of entire production facility. We also focus on solutions which are for upgradation of existing automation systems which is a great value for money for our customers to comply with regulations with existing infrastructure

Building Automation

We help our customers to unify and integrate their Building Systems from multiple vendors into one open platform, without getting them tied down to one service provider. Our solutions are specifically designed for Building Owner, Facility Manager, Occupant and Consulting Specifying Engineer. We leverage technology such as RESTful API, BACnet IP, OPC, Connected Controllers and unified systems, to help future proof your buildings as technology continues to advance.

Food and Beverages

Aiming at improvement in production competitiveness, we provide solutions which are flexible to use, open and scalable. We work on various solutions from production through tools to packaging, from quality management to line management and energy data management. Machine automation, line automation, plant wide data acquisition, analysis tools and Energy management are key areas where we deploy our solutions.

Oil and Gas

Challenges are many in production, transmission and refinement of Oil and Gas. We help customers with state-of-the-art Automation solutions which are largely integrated from sensors to cloud. We ensure that the required high degree of security and reliability are maintained across the solution stack for no downtime.


We, at LUOVA focus on keeping your automation agile, effortlessly integrating existing facilities and third-party systems. We work on the most demanding industry challenges by providing solutions which gives High Availability, Reliable Productivity, Maximum Data Security and Usability to our customers.

Renewable Energy

In the field of energy and infrastructure, we provide control and monitoring solutions of equipment for energy distribution and for the generation of electricity. Solar and Wind assets are geographically widely dispersed. We provide RTUs, IoT devices and central Software solution for control and monitoring of these critical renewable energy assets.

Water and Waste Water

Treatment, monitoring, storage and distribution of water is widely dispersed in large geographical areas. This demands for remotely monitoring and controlling water systems. Our extensive experience in water system projects helps us provide the state-of-the-art solution to customers in almost no time. We work on treatment plants, Storage and, distribution systems of water.