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Vector Control AC Motor Drive

Vector Control AC Motor Drive

Key Features

  • Supports both asynchronous and synchronous motors
  • Field oriented vector controWide power range for different industry needs
  • Built-in 10 K steps PLC programming capacity
  • Long service life design
  • Enhanced protections and adaptation to industrial environments
  • Modular design for easy maintenance and many extension Built-in MODBUS communication and provides for optional communication cards like can open,device net,profibus,ethernt IP etc. High Speed Network,Energy Saving,I/O extension card etc.


With modern power electronics and advanced microprocessor technology,  VFD Drives are able to efficiently control motor speed, improve machine automation and save energy. Taking advantage of our strong position in power electronics technology,  VFD Series of AC motor Drives has evolved rapidly. Each Drive series is designed to meet specific application needs. Our AC Drives accurately control speed and torque, smoothly handle an increased load, and provide numerous custom control and configuration operating modes. Our VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) drive product line provides a full range of motor control technologies and is used throughout a wide range of industries, to enhance and improve machine automation. Global safety standards (CE/UL/cUL)

Harness the Power of Variable Frequency Drives

  • Energy Saving

Using a VFD is that it can save you money on your energy bills. By allowing you to control the speed and torque of your motor, VFDs can help you run your machines more efficiently. It means you won't have to use as much electricity to get the same results. Plus, Delta VFD also allows you to fine-tune your settings so that you only use the amount of energy needed for a particular job.

  • Closed Loop Controlling

VFDs can provide closed-loop controlling capabilities. This means that the driver will constantly monitor the speed and torque of your machinery to ensure that it's performing optimally. The closed-loop system will also detect any anomalies or irregularities in the system so that they can be corrected quickly and efficiently.

  • Limits Starting Current

A VFD can also help reduce the starting current draw on your motors by up to 75%. Furthermore, this decrease in the current draw can also extend the life of your machinery since less stress is put on them during start-up and operation. It's especially beneficial if you're running multiple machines at once since it reduces the risk of an overload or power surge occurring due to too much current being drawn from one source.

  • Smooth Operation

VFDs offer smooth operation, making them ideal for applications where precision and accuracy are of the utmost importance. With VFD suppliers in Ahmedabad providing precise control over acceleration and deceleration rates, the machinery runs as smoothly as possible without any sudden jerks or jolts that could cause damage or hasten the wear of components. Additionally, VFDs minimize noise levels, making them perfect for businesses that need a quieter workspace.

  • High Power Factor

Variable frequency drives have an incredibly high-power factor that ensures greater efficiency when running motors on single-phase and three-phase supplies - meaning less wasted energy! VFD panel manufacturers design their products to function in harsh environments, even when exposed to extreme temperatures or airborne dust particles that may impair other electrical components.


  • Processing machines
  • Packaging machines
  • Textile machines
  • Printing machines
  • Pharmaceutical Machinery
  • Material handling machines
  • Treadmills
  • Solar equipment
  • Fans, pumps,Blower
  • Machine tools
  • Elavator

Why VFD Panels?

VFD or Variable Frequency Drive panels are pivotal in modern industrial operations. These panels are essential for controlling the speed and performance of electric motors, resulting in improved energy efficiency and enhanced process control. VFD panels enable seamless motor speed adjustment by regulating the frequency and voltage supplied to the engine. This adaptability not only optimizes energy consumption but also prolongs the lifespan of machinery by reducing wear and tear.
Manufacturers of VFD panels focus on integrating advanced technologies to ensure reliable performance and user-friendly interfaces. When sourcing VFD panels, it's crucial to collaborate with reputable VFD panel manufacturers and suppliers who offer high-quality products backed by expert technical support. VFD suppliers provide various options tailored to industrial needs, ensuring compatibility with multiple motor types and operational requirements. Businesses can achieve improved operational efficiency, reduced energy costs, and prolonged equipment longevity by investing in VFD panels from reliable manufacturers and suppliers.

Powering Diverse Industries with Delta VFD

Exploring the world of Delta VFD applications is like opening the door to endless possibilities. It's like having superpowers to control the speed of motors very precisely, making complicated tasks easy. From manufacturing floors to energy management, Variable Frequency Drives orchestrate seamless operations. Renewable energy sources like wind turbines and solar panels integrate VFDs to optimize power generation.

Whether it's managing a busy factory or controlling robot arms in a fancy assembly line, our VFDs are like the heroes behind the scenes. They make motors work better and save energy, which helps our planet. Our VFDs can also help manage water systems on big farms or control air in huge buildings. In hospitals, Delta VFD ensures medical tools work perfectly, and in malls or buildings, it helps with escalators and elevators. Our VFDs are also important in mining, making food, running data centers, and more. Basically, they help things work better and last longer!



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