Active Font End

Active Font End

Key Features

  • More than 95% regenration Efficiency
  • Improve Power Factor to more than 99% when current THD less than 5%.
  • Maintain constant DC BUS voltage and current when the voltage provided by the mains is unstable
  • Supports all type of Field Bus for real time power status monitoring & Control like; Can open, Modbus, DeviceNet, Porfibus, EthenetIP


The Best Energy Saving Device with AC Motor Drives. Realize 4-quadrant operation with variable frequencies and speed control when applied with AC motor drives.



Centrifuge Equipment, Dewatering Machines and Roving Machines Elevators, Cranes And Pump Jacks (Oil Extraction Machines) Machine Tools, Bag Making Machines, Auto Storage And Retrieval Systems, And Lathes Wind Power, Water Power, Steel Printing And Paper Making Machinery (Winding Equipment), Semiconductor And Panel Industries

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