Multifunction Pressure Sensor

Multifunction Pressure Sensor

Key Features

  • 3 sets of color display
  • Fast zero reset
  • Safety control function
  • Easy code display
  • Parameter copy function
  • Measurable range: 100kpa to 1500KPa
  • Measurement accuracy: +_3%for Entire Process
  • Number of outputs: Built-in 2 NPN or PNP transistor digital outputs and 1 analog output


  • Energy-saving mode
  • Various unit conversion
  • Analog output function
  • Various output modes 10 sets of output response
  • time setup


Mechanical Processing Industry, Solar Energy Industry, Food Packaging Industry, Semiconductor Industry, Automatic Assembly Industry, Electronic Components Assembly And Production, TFT, Machine Arms, Pcbs, And CD Manufacturing.


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