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Spray Dryer Automation

Spray drying is a method of producing a dry powder from a liquid or slurry by rapidly drying with a hot gas. This is the preferred method of drying of many thermally sensitive materials used in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing. A consistent particle size distribution is a reason for spray drying some industrial products.

LUOVA has executed complete automation package application which includes all hardware and 21 CFR Compliant SCADA Software.

Commissioning date : September 2018
Customer type : Pharmaceutical
Location : Vadodara, Gujarat
Value addition : 21 CFR Part 11 SCADA - Machine Upgradation


A spray dryer takes liquid stream, separates solute or suspension as a solid and solvent into a vapor. The solid is usually collected in a drum or cyclone. The liquid input stream is sprayed through a nozzle into a hot vapor stream and vaporized. Solids form as moisture quickly leaves the droplets. A nozzle is usually used to create droplets as small as possible, maximizing heat transfer and the rate of water vaporization. This process is executed by a highly efficient mechanical and automation system.

Detail description

Spray Dryer machine consists of many components like feeding chambr, gas heater, atomizer, instrumentation like valves and sensors, automation systems like PLC, IPC, SCADA etc.

A raw material feed pump is used to feed the material in feeding chamber. Feeding chamber temperature is controlled by automation system using gas heater and oxygen at around 95 Deg. C. Key design aspects of Spray dryer is to control chamber temperature, control rate of feed pump, and control nitrogen. Fine control of these parameters leads to a desired production material.

Relevant facts or Key benefits

LUOVA has Designed, Installed and Commissioned complete Spray Dryer Automation System. This system also includes Copadata Zenon SCADA and Delta Touch Panel IPC.

Benefits: User can easily control and Monitor all the parameters of machine. Data logging in SCADA allows user to generate quick reports for data, alarms and audit trials which are essential for regulatory requirements. SCADA system also provides batch reports based on user report template.

Spray Dryer Automation System Helps Manufacturer quickly produce the required material from liquid form to solid form along with complete details of process through high end SCADA system reports.