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Single Head Auger Filling Machine

Automatic single head Servo auger filler consists of conveyor and structure suitable to fill various type of free flow or non-free flow powder into various type of container.

LUOVA has provided complete automation system of Single Head Auger Filling Machine.

Commissioning date :
Customer type : Pharmaceutical
Location : Ahmedabad , Gujarat
Value addition : Servo Based Machine


Servo based Auger filler systems enable users to achieve high repeatability in filling cycles. With each fill cycle, the servo accelerates at chosen speed rotates a selected number of revolutions and stop with repeatable filling and high accuracy cycle each time. The auger servo drive controls the speed and revolutions of the auger. The agitator drive drives the counter-rotational slow speed agitation blade. Hopper holds the product to be filled. Auger rotates vertically in the hopper to feed product into and through the funnel

Detail description

Dried, sterilized, and siliconized bottles are fed through the infeed Turn Table on the infeed SS/Delrin conveyor belt at the required speed for feeding. When a bottle reaches under the filling head, it gets held by the pneumatic bottle holder. At the same time, servo motor starts to rotate which is mounted on auger shaft. This will fill desired amount of powder in bottle through auger, where rotation and speed are set. After filling of first bottle, pneumatic bottle holder releases the first bottle to move on conveyor for next operation.

User manually run the machine and calibrate the weight by setting the auger speed and rotation to fill desired amount of powder. In this process, user can save auger RPM, Rotation, and calibrated weight in recipe. User can set fill weight and start the machine in auto mode from operator panel. Auger filler automatically calculate the rotation for set weight with reference to calibrated weight and bottle filled as per their set weight.

There is also another manual option to fill the bottle by giving manually command using foot switch to servo motor.

Relevant facts or Key benefits

LUOVA has designed and commissioned Single Head Auger Filling Machine.


  • Quickly fills fine powders in bottles, e.g. Flour, cake mixes, talcum powders, etc
  • High accuracy of filling
  • Easy to operate
  • Decreases cost of production.

Single Head Auger Filling Machine helps manufacturer to fill different type of bottles with high accuracy of filling and Continues 24 X 7 Production to achieve manufacturing Targets.