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Pin Hole Inspection System

Pin Hole Inspection machine is an automatic sorting machine that automatically checks pinholes and poor sealing of packing products. Machine does total inspection in line with the non-destructive method.

LUOVA has provided complete automation systems along with 21 CFR Compliant SCADA.

Commissioning date : January 2020
Customer type : Pharmaceutical
Location : Vadodara, Gujarat
Value addition : 21 CFR Part 11 SCADA - Machine Upgradation


In pin hole inspection machine, a high voltage is applied to a hermetically sealed container made of non-conductive material. If pinhole or crack is present on the ampoule, the discharge current flows into the ampoule through the pinhole or crack. Defective ampoule is detected by difference of current flow, as measured in the intact ampoule.

Detail description

Machine has feed conveyor, detection chamber and rejection mechanism. Bag feeding is done through a feed conveyor which feeds bags in two different detection channels. When bag passes through detection channels, high voltage is passed through the bag. Based on the voltage received at receiving end, machine detects bag as good part or bad part. Key components in the machine are sensor adjustment points in both channels and High voltage transmitter receiver. Machine also has a high-end SCADA system through which user can operate and control various parameters of machine. SCADA system logs all the audit trials, batch data and process parameters during batch.

Relevant facts or Key benefits

LUOVA has Designed, Installed and Commissioned Pin Hole Inspection Scada System.

Benefits: Operator can easily control and Monitor all the parameters. All Critical Parameter logging for historical data. System maintains all critical parameters in historical files for future reference. Batch reports are also generated and stored in SCADA system for regulatory requirements.

Pin Hole Inspector System helps manufacturers execute accurate quality checks in production lines with continues 24 X 7 operation.