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Linear Air Jet Machine

Linear Air Jet machine is widely used in Food and Pharmaceutical production environment for cleaning of bottles. It is used for bottles which are supposed to be filled by non-sterile products i.e. dry syrup filling line, bulk pacing of tablets and capsule line etc.

LUOVA has provided complete automation systems for Linear Air Jet Machines.

Commissioning date :
Customer type : Pharmaceutical
Location : Ahmedabad , Gujarat
Value addition : PLC -HMI Based Machine Automation


The purpose of machine is to clean bottles which could be made of glass or plastic. This is done in the cleaning chamber of machine which is heart of main process. Cleaning chamber is divided in three sections. First section is inverter which reverses the bottles. Second section is cleaning where air pressure is provided, and vacuum is generated. Also, in this second section dust is collected in dust extractor. Third section is again inverter which reverses the bottles and places it to required position.

Detail description

Linear Air Jet machine uses high end mechanical system along with automation system to clean bottles. The bottles are placed on reverse position in cleaning chamber where Air Clean valves and Vacuum blowers operate for predefined time. Multiple bottles are processed at the same time in cleaning chamber. There are various stoppers and proxy sensors involved in complete operation. A conveyor system is also used for bottles movement along the machine.

Operator can set the conveyor speed as per timing of bottle in, bottle out stopper, bottle present sensor, bottle in position sensor and save all the parameter in recipe. Highly advanced PLC, Servo and HMI based automation system allows users to reuse the recipes for future operations. Machine runs in fully automatic mode once started. Automation system also enables users to monitor Bottles Per Minute (BPM) counter in HMI display.

Relevant facts or Key benefits

LUOVA has designed, installed, and commissioned many Linear Air Jet Machines.

Benefits: User can easily clean the bottles by positive air pressure with vacuum cleaning. Highly Efficient blowers cleans bottles accurately.

Liner Air Jet Machine Helps Manufacturer clean different type of bottles in very fast and efficient manner. Continues 24 X 7 Production helps in achieving manufacturing Targets.