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Horizontal Ledger Welding Machine

Welding is a process where two materials are fused together through heating, intermixing, and then cooling the materials and/or a filler to form a strong join. From arc welding to spot welding, welding machines are typically used in welding processes where the weld required is repetitive and quality and speed are crucial.  

LUOVA has provided Automation system package along with field sensors for Horizontal Ledger Welding Machine.

Commissioning date :
Customer type : Machine Manufacturer
Location : Ahmedabad , Gujarat
Value addition : Servo Based Machine


Automatic Ledger welding machine is used to weld ledger blades with pipe without making any joint between them. It provides high production rate and accuracy to product compared to manual welding process. A highly accurate automation system comprises of PLC, HMI, Servo system and various field sensors.

Detail description

Horizontal Ledger welding machine welds cups at both end of Pipe. A Servo motor is used for rotation of pipe. Two welding guns are equipped with pneumatic valve for up and down movement of welding guns at start and end of pipe.

User can feed in various parameters like circumference of cup, welding speed etc. through HMI screen. Machine can save these parameters in recipe which can be called again in future for multiple jobs. Once parameters are added, the recipe is loaded, and machine can run in Auto mode to execute welds. Operator can also set delay time between weld operations in recipe.

Relevant facts or Key benefits

LUOVA has Designed, Installed and Commissioned automation system packages of Horizontal Ledger Welding Machines

Benefits: High production, Easy to operate and maintain, Uniform welding results

Horizontal Ledger Welding machine can easily weld multiple & Repetitive job by using single start stop Control. It gives high accuracy and repeatability of welding with increase productivity.