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Gloves Integrity Tester Machine

Gloves Integrity Tester Machine is used in production line of Pharmaceutical industries. It is designed for testing integrity of gloves and its sealing with glove port used in various applications. The Gloves are leak tested under the set pressure. Glove leak tester can be used for both positive and negative pressure isolator either at rest or in operation.

LUOVA has provided HMIs and central Reporting tool, for multiple machines with Software License for Orbas Gloves Integrity Tester Machine.

Commissioning date : July 2018
Customer type : Pharmaceutical
Location : Vadodara, Gujarat
Value addition : 21 CFR Part 11 HMI - Machine Upgradation


As name suggests, Gloves Integrity Tester machine tests integrity of gloves and its sealing with glove port. The Gloves are leak tested under the pressure between 250– 1000 Pa (as per ISO 14644-7). This system is custom designed to test FOUR gloves at a time.

Detail description

Gloves Integrity Tester machine can test four ports at the same time. These are consistency of glove, cuff ring of the glove, sleeve, and cuff ring of the sleeve. The glove integrity test unit is mobile on wheels and can be used on different Isolators. Leak testing of gloves is done by this machine. User can set parameters like Initial Pressure, Stabilization Time, Leak Test Time, Drop Pressure, Abort Pressure, Hole Leak test. Tests are performed according to the set parameters by user. User can also save specific parameters as a recipe and call it again for repetitive tests. PLC and HMI based automation system ensures quick response and high reliability of the system.

Relevant facts or Key benefits

LUOVA has Installed and Commissioned automation system consisting of PLC, HMI, and Central Report Tool.

Benefits: Operator can easily Monitor process via user friendly interface & change the process parameters whenever necessary from HMI. Batch reports can be saved and viewed on HMI or from Central computer where centralize Reporting Tool is installed.

Gloves Integrity Tester Machine Helps Pharmaceutical industries to accurately leak test gloves with ease of maintenance.