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Glass Furnace Automation

Glass Container Manufacturing Plant with production capacity of 220 MTPD, produces the melted glass from Row Material like sand, soda, waste glass pieces. Furnace runs at 22000 C.

LUOVA provided Field Instruments, PLC based Control Panel and SCADA System of Furnace.

Commissioning date : November 2016
Customer type : Process Automation
Location : Surat, Gujarat
Value addition : Critical Glass Furnace Automation


Glass Furnace with from 6 nos. of High Speed IS-8 Section DG Machines is suitable to produce any size of bottles.

With Natural Gas and Compressed Air based firing system, customer can manufacture high quality of Glass Containers, which are used in packaging needs of Food, Pharmaceuticals, Beverages, Soft Drinks, Liquors and Cosmetics.

Detail description

Raw material of furnace (i.e. waste glass pieces, sand etc.) is transferred from Batch house system to main furnace via conveyers.

The Automation system comprises of Field Instruments (i.e. Gas control valve, Gas regulating valve, Air control valve, venturi, and different type of sensors), PLC based control panel and SCADA system. System allows customer to control Temperature of Furnace (At. 22000 C), maintain Gas vs Air ratio, control Furnace Pressure and Glass Level. These are very critical process parameters for furnace. A control system is heart of the furnace as all these critical parameters are controlled by Automation system. This can be achieved by a highly complex and accurate programming and selection of high accuracy field sensors and instruments.

Relevant facts or Key benefits

LUOVA has designed, manufactured, installed, and commissioned complete Furnace Control Automation System.

Benefits: Operator can easily control and monitor all parameters from control room SCADA or from Panel HMI. High speed PID control is used in auto mode to make sure the critical parameters are well withing the defined ranges.

Automatic data recording and Smart Reports are silent features of the SCADA System which helps production and management team to take key decisions.

Glass Furnace Control Automation System helps customer to produce high quality Glass at 24 X 7 production cycle to achieve manufacturing Targets