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Forehearth Automation

Forehearth is a very important part of Glass Container manufacturing plant furnace system. Forehearth section is placed after Furnace and Distribution sections.

LUOVA has vast experience in providing complete Automation package with field instruments for Forehearth Automation. This is very critical Process plant application where stakes on automation system are very high. Glass containers/bottles produced in the plant are used in Packaging needs of Food, Pharmaceuticals, Beverages, Soft Drinks, Liquors and Cosmetics.

Commissioning date : October 2019
Customer type : Process Automation
Location : Surat, Gujarat
Value addition : Critical Glass Furnace Automation


The working Ends and forehearths concept are based on the shared conviction that glass conditioning begins at the furnace exit. As a matter of fact, the glass viscosity required in the forming process is different from that at the furnace exit. As a consequence, in glass containers production plants, the working ends and forehearths’ main role is to reduce and maintain the temperature of the glass exiting the furnace and to reach the temperature which grants the right glass viscosity for the forming process.

Glass Furnace Forehearth section is followed by multiple High Speed IS-8 Section DG Machines which are suitable to produce any size of glass bottles/containers.

With gas, air and Pressure Based Heat/Cool firing System, user can manufacture high quality Glass Containers.

Detail description

A melted glass enters in forehearth section from distributor section which is followed by IS machines to produce containers. It is required to maintain adequate temperature and pressure in forehearth section. This is achieved by providing proper Air and Gas to burners which is done by Air Skid and Gas Skid. Forehearth is designed in multiple zones, thus temperature and pressure control for each zone is critical. Air and Gas skids comprises of high-end instrumentations like flow meters, valves, etc. A high speed PID control is required to maintain operating parameters of furnace. These are Heat + Cool PID controls which provide very high accuracy.

An automation system package comprises of high-end PLC system with Panel mounted HMI and dedicated SCADA Control station for operator to operate the system. PLC system calls for a very complex and accurate programming as any small error can lead to major disaster in these high temperature applications.

Relevant facts or Key benefits

LUOVA has Designed, Installed and Commissioned complete Forehearth Control Automation System.

Benefits: Operator can easily control and Monitor all the parameters from Control Room SCADA or from Control Panel HMI. System maintains all critical parameters automatically with high speed Heat/Cool PID Control Automation.

With Help of Automation System, user can control specific Zone temperature of forehearth in accuracy of 1 Degree Celsius.

Forehearth Control Automation System Helps Manufacturer maintain quality of Glass containers/bottles which are widely used in food and Pharma industry.