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Food Plant Automation

Food Manufacturing Plant Having 4 Nos. of Line followed to Mixer, Cooker, Shaper & Dryer.

Luova Technologies Pvt. Ltd have provided Control Panel and Automation Field Instrumentation of Food Manufacturing Line.


Commissioning date :
Customer type : Food Industry
Location : Gujarat
Value addition : Production Line Automation


Food Manufacturing Plant followed by 6 nos. of High-Speed Machines Suitable to Manufacture Different Types of Pallets & Chips.

With Mixer, Cooker and Dryer Machines Company is manufacturing quality food items for snack.


Detail description

There is Row Material Coming from Warehouse to Mixer Machine which is followed by Cooking Machine.

After Mixing of Row Material Cooking Machines Manufactures Sheet of Row Material and Cooking Machine is followed by Shaper Machine called as MIS Machine.

Shaper Machine gives required specific Shape to Sheet form of food. Shaper Machine will throw all the shaped food items to Dryer by Air Blowing System. Dryer Machine is Absorbing Humidity from Food Item and Make it Dry for use.

At Last Packaging Machine Makes Packets of Food Item as per required weight

Relevant facts or Key benefits

Operator can easily control and Monitor all the parameters from Touch Panel Station. System will maintain all the critical parameter by its own with High speed Control Automation.

With Help of control Automation System Whole Food Manufacturing Line can manufacture Food Items without intervention of man. Only Row Material Feeding and Ready Food Item Collection Process Required Manpower intervention.


Whole Control Automation System Helps Manufacturer to maintain quality and Efficient Production Output.