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Fluid Bed Dryer Machine

Fluid bed dryer is extensively used in pharmaceutical industries to reduce the moisture content of pharmaceutical powder and granules. The equipment works on a principle of fluidization of feed materials. LUOVA has wide experience in providing Automation Solution for FBD Machines.

Commissioning date : December 2018, February 2019
Customer type :
Location : Vadodara
Value addition : 21 CFR Part 11 SCADA - Machine Upgradation


FBDs can dry up different types of granules/powder and provide desired moisture content in tablet formulation granules, which is required for compression of tablets. This is highly engineered process and extensively depends on Automation system along with AHU system. An automation system of FBD typically comprises of PLC, IPC SCADA and VFDs for motors. AHU also plays a vital role in FBD operation which is responsible for air circulation through machine.

Detail description

Fluid bed dryer works on a principle of fluidization of the feed materials. In fluidization process, hot air is introduced at high pressure through a perforated bed of moist solid particulate. The wet solids are lifted from the bottom and suspended in a stream of air (fluidized state). Heat transfer is accomplished by direct contact between the wet solid and hot Air. The vaporised liquid is carried away by the drying gasses.

Temperature and Humidity are most critical process parameters for FBD machine.

Temperature: Increased temperature leads to increased moisture diffusivity and hence increased drying rate and decreased drying time. The nature of the material plays an important role in choosing the operating temperature.

Humidity: Faster drying is achieved when the moisture content of the inlet air is maintained at its minimum.

Desired temperature and humidity control is achieved with high end automation products like PLC System, VFDs, dedicated PID Controller, Electric Control Valve, RTD sensors and Limit switches etc. This is possible with a highly complex program logic executed at a very efficient manner by automation system. IPC based SCADA System provides various functions like Recipe, Batching and controlling machine processes. SCADA System also generates high end batch reports and complies with all the regulatory guidelines of US FDA 21 CFR part 11.

Relevant facts or Key benefits

LUOVA has Designed, Installed and Commissioned complete Automation system package for FBD machine.

Benefits: User can easily manage Drying process via user friendly SCADA interface. Repetitive Drying can be processed by using single start stop Control with high accuracy of Temperature and Humidity with high degree of repeatability.

Fluid Bed Dryer machine helps Pharmaceutical industries reduce drying time and execute multiple drying cycles at faster rate to achieve manufacturing targets.