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Cold storage Plant


Luova Technologies Pvt. Ltd have provided Automation of Cold Storage facility for storing perishable products such as fruits, vegetables etc. under controlled conditions for longer periods.

Commissioning date : April 2021
Customer type : Process Automation
Location : Banaskantha, Gujarat
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Cold storage is a commercial facility for storing perishable products such as fruits, vegetables, meat, fish etc. under controlled conditions for longer periods.

  • The cold storage system mainly consists of Compressor, Condenser, Diffuser, Humidifier, Co2 pump.
  • The temperature is controlled by compressor, condenser and diffuser fan.
  • Humidity is controlled by humidifier
  • Co2 is controlled by Co2 pump.

Detail description


  • The compressor compresses vaporized refrigerant (Ammonia) to high pressure and high temperature to raise the boiling point of refrigerant.
  • The condenser then liquefies the vaporized refrigerant to high-pressure and high-temperature state. Thus, heat rejection takes place
  • The condensate from the condenser is collected in a reservoir and allow to pass through an expansion valve where its pressure and temperature decrease from an earlier state.
  • The low-pressure liquid refrigerant then allows passing through refrigerated space whereby the heat of hot air of refrigerated space starts evaporating the liquid refrigerant hence, heat in the atmosphere decrease and cooling is produced.
  • Blowers circulates the chilled air to stored fruits and vegetables.

Relevant facts or Key benefits

Luova Technologies Pvt. Ltd. have Designed, and Commissioned Cold storage system.


Operator can easily control and Monitor all the parameters from HMI. System will maintain all the critical parameter by its own with Automation.