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Blender Machine

Blender Machines are widely used for the mixing of granular products as a part of Pharmaceutical medicine manufacturing process. The machine offers great flexibility of operations as well as easy cleaning and maintenance.

Commissioning date :
Customer type : Pharmaceutical
Location : Vadodara, Gujarat
Value addition : 21 CFR Part 11 SCADA - Machine Upgradation


Blender Machine is developed for mixing of various type of granular products. The machine is highly versatile as it can be used in mixing and lubrication processes in various industries. Some of the key industries which uses this machine are pharmaceutical production, food industries, chemical processing, and cosmetic products.

LUOVA has wide experience on working with various types of blender machines with the help of HMI as well as SCADA Software along with complete automation package.

Detail description

As the name suggest, Blender is used in blending various mixtures which may be in the form of dry or wet state. Depending upon the chemical composition and reaction process, various configurations can be set in Blender machine. Blenders can be of Octagonal, Mass, V Type or Double Cone Type. User can set various settings like no. of blending cycles, timing of each cycle etc. using HMI or SCADA. User can also save recipe in the system which can be reused again as per product requirement.

Relevant facts or Key benefits

LUOVA has vast experience in providing complete automation solution for blenders, starting from sensors to SCADA based on user requirements.

Benefits: A highly automatic blender with Scada can comply all the regulatory requirements of US FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliance. SCADA can provide operation control and monitoring, Recipe management, Batch reporting, Audit Trials and data recording.

LUOVA has experience in design, installation, and execution of all types of Blender machine automation systems along with regulatory requirements of Food and Pharma industry.