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Automatic Rotary Dry Syrup Powder Filling Line

Automatic Rotary Dry Syrup Powder Filling with Screw/ROPP Cap Sealing Machine (Monobloc) is very compact in design and used for filling dry syrup in bottles and sealing the bottles. It is most ideal for wide application in Pharma Industries.

Luova Technologies Pvt Ltd has provided complete automation solution for the machine operation.

Commissioning date :
Customer type : Pharmaceutical
Location : Ahmedabad , Gujarat
Value addition : Servo Based Machine


A highly complex structured “Automatic Rotary Dry Syrup Power Filling” Machine comprises of various components like Turn Table, Delrin Slat Conveyor belt, Star Wheel, Lifter Assembly, Powder Hopper, Agitators, PLC, HMI and high speed Servo System Automation system.

Detail description

The dried, sterilized, and siliconized containers are fed through the Infeed Turn Table to Infeed Delrin Slat conveyor belt. This is done at adequate speed for correct spacing between two bottles and passed to infeed star wheel. The infeed star wheel transfers the container below the funnel. The funnel plate with 16 nos. funnel mounted on it and the powder wheel is mounted on the centre pipe. A lifter assembly at the base bottom lifts the bottles and inserts it in funnel with tightening. At a same time, powder from powder hopper is agitated by agitator pair which provides uniform bulk density. Powder wheel indexes further and remains in port due to vacuum till it becomes vertical. Timely dose of compressed air, sterilized low-pressure air and nitrogen gas flushes out powder from port of powder wheel to funnel. Then bottles travel to exit star wheel at eight head ROPP cap sealing machine and picks up cap from exit end of chute.

Relevant facts or Key benefits

Luova Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has Installed, and configured the machine control area for required operational need.

Benefits: A highly complex machine with advanced control mechanisms from PLC HMI system enables users to efficiently fill dry syrup in bottles with sealing. It also has various abnormal condition detection mechanism to run error free process.

Automates process Line of bottle filling in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry.