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12 Head Liquid Filling Machine

Liquid fillers or liquid filling machines are important equipment in various industries like cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food & beverages where, liquids are to be packed in different types of containers/bottles. With liquid filling machines, liquids can be easily and efficiently packed into containers without much wastage. 

LUOVA has provided Field Instruments and Automation System for 12 Head Liquid Filling Machine


Commissioning date :
Customer type : Pharmaceutical
Location : Ahmedabad , Gujarat
Value addition : PLC -HMI Based Machine Automation


As the name suggests, 12 head liquid filling machine has 12 heads which can fill maximum 12 bottles/containers at a time. It uses a highly sophisticated mechanical and automation components to achieve high degree of accuracy and reliability. It uses servo motors, drives, touch screen HMI and PLC system to accomplish the requirement. The machine is designed to accurately fill required volume of liquid in the bottle/containers.

Detail description

12 Head Liquid filling machine has two synchronously operating filling lines and, each line can fill 6 containers. For each line, 2 nos. of Bottle feed servo and 2 nos. of Filling section servo are used. A diving motor for nozzle up down with attached filling assembly and drive for conveyor is used in Each line which completes the machine. There are bottle counting sensors in each line for bottle counting. There is a system in place which makes sure that 6 nos. of bottle are available on conveyor and if not, the group of bottles are rejected by rejection valve. There is a neck centring valve mechanism in filling section to make sure nozzle is properly placed in the bottle.

The machine is operated from touch screen HMI where user can calibrate, operate, and control the entire machine. User can calibrate the machine for specific product and save its parameters like filling servo RPM, bottle feed servo RPM, main motor speed, conveyor motor speed and time etc. These parameters can be saved as a recipe in the HMI and can be reused for future applications. Machine also provides AUTO and MANUAL mode functionality. Thus, in manual mode user can operate machine in single cycle and stop it after 1 or 2 cycles as per need. Also, it has a feature of bypassing 1 line, thus it can produce only 6 bottles filling in 1 go. System also generates production count and reports for customer use.

Relevant facts or Key benefits

Luova Technologies Pvt. Ltd. have Designed and Commissioned 12 Head liquid Filling Machine.

Benefits: It provides higly accurate volumatric liquid filling in automatic mode for larger production needs. It also is equipped with high end automation system which can generated production reports and facilitate users with Recipe and other functionalities.

12 Head liquid Filling Machine control System Helps Manufacturer achieve their larger production targest with great accuracy and can operate at 24x7 Production needs.