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Power ful Integrated HMI and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Software

  • More than 300+ Hardware Drivers and Protocols,
  • Highly customisable 2D and 3D Graphical Interface,
  • Spontenious Alarms and Alerts with SMS and E-mail Redirection
  • On-line and historical Trending plots for quick analysis,
  • In Built Logic development tool as per IEC61103 language – eliminates the need of even PLCs
  • In Built Reporting tool for unlimited report templates – directly configurable in MS SQL Server Report Builder
  • Audit trials to meet the most complex FDA 21 CFR Regulatory guidelines
  • Native security server wiht 128 security level configurations and on the fly user management meeting FDA 21 CFR Regulatory guidelines,
  • Centralised user management of Plantwide systems over Microsoft Active Directory – LDS
  • LAN or WAN clients for concurrent control and monitoring over network,
  • Direct APP on Windows, iOS and Android for monitoring and alarms visualisatoin over mobile devices,
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Connector,
  • SAP Connector